Portégé Z20t

The Portégé Z20t

The convertible that will convert you.

The Z20t is a rugged, business class notebook that converts into a best-in-class Tablet. It provides Intel® Core™ M processor performance, and delivers up to 19 hours of battery life. The Z20t also features a full HD touchscreen and digitizer pen, making it easy to take notes, make sketches and mark up documents. The Portégé Z20t is the ultimate personal productivity tool for business people, professionals and students.

Work at a desk, on your feet or in front of an audience

  • Notebook
  • Tablet only
  • Tablet + Dock
  • Presentation


Follow the journey of 2 students throughout the day. One lucky enough to take advantage of the features of the Portege z20t – the other not so lucky.
Compare their experiences as they traverse the obstacles and hardships of a modern day student.

Up to 19 hours of battery life

The Z20t has twin batteries built in. The one in the Tablet delivers up to 9.5 hours. Connect to the keyboard dock and you get another 9.5 hours. Smart software ensures the Tablet's battery is charged first and used last, maximizing useable time every time.

Ready to connect to all your devices, networks and the world

The keyboard dock has full-sized HDMI, USB 3.0, VGA, and Gigabit Ethernet ports. The Tablet features micro USB 3.0 with Sleep and Charge, micro HDMI, and a micro SD card slot. Intel 802.11 ac WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 provide wireless connectivity. 4G mobile broadband is also available on selected models.

Other highlights

  • The Z20t's Tablet is only 8.8mm thin and weighs from 730 grams. Connected, the Z20t weighs from only 1.51 kg.

  • The digitizer pen (two included) has 2,048 levels of sensitivity to help capture all the detail in handwriting and drawings.

  • The rugged, engineered hinge has dual latches for strength and provides 360˚ screen adjustability and one-click Tablet release.

  • The Z20t's fanless design reduces noise levels and helps concentration.

The ultimate personal productivity tool

The Z20t is available with a variety of different Intel® Core™ M processors and storage and memory options. To compare models, please visit the range page.

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