PQQ11A-016005 - Toshiba All-in-One 23" DX730/016 Computer (DISCONTINUED)

Toshiba All-in-One 23" DX730/016 PQQ11A-016005 Computer
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Toshiba’s 23” All-in-One is designed to be the computing centre of the family home. It has the screen-size, power and features to become the hub that everyone orbits.
The ultimate in connectivity

For the ultimate in connectivity, use your built-in HDMI port to connect to another digital device to share and play your favourite content.
Cinematic experience

Enjoy a cinematic experience using the built-in Blu-ray™ drive.
23” Full HD

The 23” Full HD 200 Clear Super View screen creates bright immersive images with vibrant colours and great contrast for a premium viewing experience no matter what you use it for.
Extraordinary sound

ONKYO® speakers and Dolby® audio-processing deliver an extraordinary sound experience as you listen to your music, play movies or enjoy your gaming.
Immersive graphics

A dedicated graphics card delivers optimised movie viewing and immersive game play
The power you need

The latest Intel® Core™ i quad core gives you all the power you need for amazing gaming and exceptional entertainment experiences.
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